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27 November, 2016

All 5 Hidden/Secret Games in Android!

Hey guys! This time I'm gonna show 5 hidden/secret games in Android! Yes, 5 Hidden Games!! You must heared about that FlapyBird game in Setting->About Phone & Click Android Version multiple times, but there are many more!

1. T-Rex Runner

It is a based on running T-Rex & we have to help his to jump over obstacles.
How to play?

1. First of all disable your data/wifi
2. Open Chrome 
3. Open any website. for ex - goole.com
4. You will see a dianasour
5. Click on him & he will start running!
6. Click on screen to jump & avoid obstacles.

2. Basketball

It's a simple ball throwing game in which we have to throw ball in net.

How to Play?

1. Open Facebook Messenger
2. Open any chat
3. Send him "basketball emoji".
4. Now, click on basketball 4-5 times
5. Done!! Enjoy the game

3. Snake

It's a old style Snake game you must have played this before in Nokia Phones!

How to Play?

1. Open ĀµTorrent App.
2. Shake your device.
3 a White screen with "Touch to play Snake" will appear, click on it.
4. Done! 

4. Chess

t's a simple game which we can play through Facebook Messenger with our friends.

How to play?

1. Open Facebook Messenger.
2. Open chat whom you want to play.
3. Send him "@fbchess play"
4. Now Send "@fbchess play white" if want white or "@fbchess play black" if want black.
5. Done!! Enjoy the Game with your friend!

5. FlapyDroid

It's a simple FlapyBird Game in which we have android robo as a bird. [Android v5.0+]

How to play?

1. Goto- Setting-> About Phone
2. Click on Android version multiple time continuously until a lolipop appears.
3. Again click multiple times on it & then hold it.
4. Game will start!

So, That's all guys, I hope you enjoyed this Article.

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