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05 October, 2016

Hack Facebook using Android | KeyLogging | 2016

Hey guys, In this post I'm going to tell you guys how to hack facebook using android phone!

There are many ways to hack facebook
with android phone, One of the best hacking method to hack your friend's facebook is KeyLogging & Yes, I'm gonna tell you guys how to use this method in Android Phone.

KeyLogger -> 
Key logger is one of the most used hacking tools. Key logger is software which records passwords. For e.g. if you want to know the password of a Facebook account, just make him to log in through your mobile. This app. records whatever he types in your mobile including his password.

This key logger not only records password, you can even track call records, messages, application log, photos taken through mobile cam etc.,

So, Let's Start with Requirements:


1) An android phone v2.2+
2) Install KidLogger Click here  

Step 1) Install KidLogger by above link.

Step 2) Tab "Start Monitoring"

Step 3) Close app & you're done!

Now tell your friends to login Facebook on your phone & KidLogger will spy all activities & his email + password!
Install it in someone's phone secretly & ON it & done!

How to check what he did on your phone or his phone?

Simply, Open App & click "View Activity Log" & here you can see the dates click on date on which you want to check.

Note: This tutorial is for Educational Purposes only. I and iAndroidZone Team is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge.

Addional Features
Go to setting & you can even record his location every 9min in "Coordinates" & Many more.

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