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04 October, 2016

Top 10 Funniest Page FB 2016

Top 10 Funniest FB Pages.

Today I'm Going to tell you guys Top 10 Funniest Facebook Pages you must like!

Top 10 Funniest Facebook Pages -


The Happy Page
This page is awesome they always comes up with another reason what makes you happy, they displays clip arts of the stuff we do that makes us Happy.

Funny pictures Its an entertainment page which posts funny pictures

 To make you laugh, out loud Funny or Die.

 The backbenchers its a broadcasting & media production · Sports & recreation · Arts & entertainment page.

Thats Funny Shit! ? Join them for some laughs they post new pictures, videos and jokes everyday!

Laugh Line Hell is really a very funny page they posta about our daily lifes & fun facts. 

Joke of The Day This Page posts joke images about funny facts almost as as Laugh Like Hell.


Warning : Do not like this page, you will die of laughter - They posts good jokes & facts but

not enough to kill us by laugher. :p

Bro why so serious - This page is insane! In this page there is some frictional characters - {Bro, His Friend, His GF, His Dad & Etc}. It makes this page special & back to back funny conversations or facts every hour!


Be Like Bro - Yes, This is funniest page on fb I ever seen! Be like bro he is a frictional character & almost same as bro why so serious(but not jokes) I put him no.1 Because this is one of the Uncopied page on Facebook. Bro why so serious is copy of it that's why I put him on #2.

That's all guys! Thanks for reading!
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